More California Sites plus North Dakota and Nebraska Free and Inexpensive Campgrounds and RV Parks Added

Before we get to the recent additions, I want to point out the list of blogs and other useful sites that I’ve added to the right hand column. Everything from entertaining and informative tales of long term travel to gear reviews to destination suggestions. There are some great people that spend time on the road and the information they share of their experiences is priceless. I learn almost as much from reading their sites as I do on the road myself. Spend some time learning from them and it will only help you see the possible freedom that is available to you and will enrich your next adventure significantly.

Some additions to the Free Campground/RV Park data today includes:

85 Overnight Parking Areas. California allows 8 hour stays at it’s wayside rest areas. The use of these facilities this way can come in so handy when traveling long distances and putting many hours behind the wheel in a single day. It is important not to drive while sleepy and it’s nice to know where these spots are before you start a day behind the wheel.

This addition brings California to a whopping 322 free spots to camp or spend a night. Other than needing to do a load of laundry, I can’t think of a reason to pay for an overpriced RV Park in the great state of California.

9 Free Campground/RV Parks
34 Inexpensive Campgrounds/RV Parks ($15 and under)

Nebraska may not seem like an ideal destination at first glance, but the state has a lot to offer the avid outdoorsman. I may spend some time in the state this fall searching for Pheasant. Click Visit Nebraska for other great reasons to visit the state.

North Dakota
11 Free Campground/RV Parks
38 Inexpensive Campgrounds/RV Parks ($15 and under)

North Dakota is also a great state for the outdoors type and offers some great destinations for tourists. North Dakota Department of Tourism

Both North Dakota and Nebraska may only represent travel through states to your final destinations to the West or East and if that is the case, make sure to sign up for email updates so you are aware of when sites are added to these states and when other campground and RV park information is compiled for the remaining states.

Coming soon…

Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico. All of these states have a lot of resources for the frugal traveler and we’re gathering much of the data now and should have it available soon. Again, sign up for the email updates to make sure you don’t miss out on future updates.

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