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from Rob Lee
My current project involves some testing with ads to get qualified traffic (camping enthusiasts) to the site in hopes of gathering information about how best to deliver the data I’m collecting on free and inexpensive campgrounds.

If you have reached this page through StumbleUpon, please take the time to look through the site and, if you have the time, I’d appreciate any feedback you could give. Please leave comments in this post as your feedback. Thank you in advance.

Please watch the recently produced video to the right for how best to use this site to locate free and inexpensive campgrounds and RV parks.

Updates are scheduled for early next week that will feature free and inexpensive campgrounds and RV parks for California and Nebraska. You can sign up for email updates to receive the most current additions to the site in your inbox.

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M.H. March 19, 2010 at 11:21 am

I like what you are trying to do, but you need more states!

Hurry up with some of the Southeastern states. I’m lookin’ forward to a little trip south late spring.

Keep it up.

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