California’s Cheap Campgrounds and RV Parks Now Available

Explanation of this wonderful work is below

A couple of changes to the site today and a couple of observations from one of the best campsites I’ve ever occupied.

Change #1: California Part II

Today I loaded 231 $15 and under sites to California. Because the KML file would have been too large to have both the pay and the free sites on the same map, California is going to have two map pages. Each map page will have a link to the other so there should be the opportunity to cross reference the two fairly easily. It’s not the ideal setup, but it’s the best I can do with so many sites in one state. If you need to see the two at the same time while trying to plan an adventure in California, I suggest opening each page in separate tabs within your browser or separate windows so you can see them side by side. You can view both the free sites map and the pay sites map on one page by clicking California on the map to the right or you can click here. Let me know what you think…which brings me to the next addition…

Change #2 Contact Me

I’ve added a contact tab on the Navigation Menu above to make it easy for you to let me know what you think of this project. I really could use some feedback on the site. So If you have suggestions, (constructive) criticisms, or a lead on a great free spot to set up camp—please don’t hesitate to send me an email. I’m hoping to make this a long lasting project and the better I can make it in its early stages, the less work I’ll have to do in the future. So fire away, but please aim carefully and with respect.

Observation #1 Things Don’t Change

When I was in Texas last month I had the misfortune of experiencing some big wind while traveling through the Northern part of the state and it did some damage to the Scamp. My air-conditioner cover essentially disintegrated in to a number of smaller pieces that are still probably being blown all over the state. I didn’t notice the new look of my camper until I stopped for gas and by that time it was too late to find a way to salvage the AC unit itself. It took quite a beating and it wasn’t in the best shape to begin with.

After making it back to Minnesota I took it to a camper shop to see how much this would run me and called my insurance agent to try to get some help. Hilltop Trailer Sales in Fridley Minnesota was very helpful with the estimate and helping to communicate with the claims department of my insurance company and since I was happy with their proposed fix for the situation I gave them the go ahead to get the install going on a replacement air-conditioner.

It took a little longer than I was promised, but I never really hold that against a company. The end result is what has me upset. I went to pick the trailer up and was shocked to find an air-conditioner sitting crooked on top of my camper! Looking from the back, it was leaning to the left…considerably(see above pic).

My shock didn’t go unnoticed by the Service Rep for the place and he came out to help explain what had happened. In short his explanation was a shrug of his shoulders, a big fat I don’t know.

He asked if the previous unit had sat the same way and I explained to him that it had been as level as could be. He then pointed out that the roof of my camper seemed to be sagging a bit on the left and I told him it didn’t used to do that. He got very defensive saying that he was certainly not going to take the blame for any structural damage to the camper and I smiled and said, “Of course you are not.”

I left, I didn’t want to deal with that person anymore. I will be talking to somebody else at the organization and hopefully finding a solution to the problem.

In these questionable economic times with businesses failing everywhere, and with so many great companies showing us a better way to do business, how does an organization like Hilltop Trailer Sales stay in business if this is how they treat their clients? After the resolution of my crooked air-conditioner unit, I will never do business with them again and I will do my best to make sure others know about their practices.


Observation #2 Hopefully A Few-Things Don’t Change

Yesterday I discovered a great little free campground in Southeastern Minnesota. I’d heard rumors it existed, but couldn’t find any data supporting its existence. For some reason the MN DNR likes to keep the free State Forest campgrounds secret.

This is my new favorite campground of all time. It has 5 sites with fire rings and picnic tables, pit toilets and drinking water. It’s less than 2 miles from my favorite trout river, has another smaller trout stream within walking distance, has a bike path running through it that is part of very long and beautiful State Trail, and has some really nice hikes that the dog and I have enjoyed the last couple of days.

There’s a donation box and I will be leaving a very nice contribution after my stay and I’m going to do a little cleaning up of some of the sites.

I want this place to never change and I want you to have the opportunity to experience this place as well. Look for it to be added to the site real soon and if you are ever in this area make sure to check it out.

It’s a little slice of freedom–please leave it better than you found it.

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