California Debuts With 237 Free Campsites

You could spend a year touring California without paying a single camping fee.

California has some of the greatest wild places in the country. Whether you’re looking to escape from a northern states winter to an arid desert or find a rarely fished trout stream half way up a mountain–there is free campsite for you in this great state.

Many of the sites are National Forest Service campgrounds, but there are a number Bureau of Land Management boondocking sites in the deserts of Southern California.

Although this is a pretty thorough list of the free sites the state has to offer, there are more secret spots to be found and we will post them as they are uncovered. Sign up for email updates to make sure you get all the latest news on free campgrounds for California and the rest of the country as we add them to the growing database.

Doing the research for California has been so much fun. It’s a nice trip down memory lane and it’s getting me very excited for a trip to the state real soon. I’m getting that rambling feeling again and I think there may be a spot or two in the mountains in the northern part of the state I want to check out.

Coming next week, close to 200 $15 and under campgrounds and a number Overnight Parking Areas for California.

Within the next month I’ll be posting a beginners guide to Boondocking. It will cover some of the basics you’ll need to be aware of before you hit some of the wild and free places that you discover on this website.

As always feel free to leave comments and don’t hesitate to point out any inaccurate information. We checked and double checked everything, but that doesn’t mean we got it perfect.

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