Today Colorado and Kansas were added to the database. Here are the numbers:


29 Free Campgrounds/RV Parks
37 $15 and Under Campgrounds/RV Parks


7 Free Campgrounds/RV Parks
56 $15 and Under Campgrounds/RV Parks

The Grand Totals are in red and blue above the US map at the right of the screen.

I really am working hard on getting as much information as I can before the busy summer camping/vacation season comes to us. Look for at least everything West of the Mississippi to be uploaded before May 1st.

Here’s a link to a quick video from a recent adventure of mine. I call it my New Mexico March Mountain Morning Surprise (sorry for the poor video quality).


It actually turned out to be a great day, even if the hike was much shorter than planned.

Later this week, look for a video showing the best ways to utilize the information on this site.

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Laguna Madre

Just a sign of some of the great things to come to this site, 136 free campgrounds/RV Parks and 178 $15 and under campgrounds/RV Parks were added today for three great states.


50 Free Campgrounds/RV Parks
55 $15 or under Campgrounds/RV Parks


58 Free Campgrounds/RV Parks
42 $15 or under Campgrounds/RV Parks


28 Free Campgrounds/RV Parks
81 $15 or under Campgrounds/RV Parks

Bringing the Grand Total for the site to:

272 Free Campgrounds/RV Parks
383 $15 and under Campgrounds/RV Parks

Plus all of the above sites have a list of amenities and area attractions at their page.

Coming soon:

Free and $15 and under campgrounds for California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

A video displaying the best way to utilize this site to it’s maximum potential.

A post about some electric power problems I’ve been experiencing with my traveling. I’ll be looking for clever fixes for my particular situation.

I’m on North Padre Island right now, but I’m off to New Mexico tomorrow for some trout fishing and elevation.


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My first legal Redfish, 24 inches.

Last week I talked about how everything takes longer than expected, the case with any first time project, but when it starts happening it happens fast.

With data available now for both Washington and Idaho (you can click on the either of the states on the map to the right to see the new data), the site has more than quadrupled the number of free campsites that were available this time last week.

Here are the details on the new adds:


Free Campsites–53
$15 and under–49


Free Campsites–53
$15 and under–54

Still to come for these 2 states will be Dispersed Camping areas and Overnight Parking areas.

When added to the data already loaded on the site, the current totals for Band of Boondockers:

Free Campsites–136
$15 and under–205
Overnight Parking Area–42

There is so much more to come, but Im very excited about these newest adds to the site. Both Washington and Idaho offer so much for Over the Road Adventurers. Im hoping to make it to the Northwest region of the country later this year.

Look for Oregon, Montana, and Wyoming next week. With California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona following shortly after that.

I’m in Rockport, Texas until Sunday and then I start traveling west.

Check back soon or sign up for the email updates so you dont miss any of the upcoming campsite information uploads.


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The data is coming. Free campgrounds, boondocking sites, under $15 campgrounds/RV Parks, blacktop boondocking sites, and backcountry campsites for California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana will be loaded soon. Just not as soon as I would like. Hey, Minnesota has a bunch of sites loaded on it…and Minnesota is a great state.

Here’s a post at Nontoxin about growing–Power of the Tiny and it has helped me believe even though getting all the data loaded on this site may not happen as quickly as I like, in the end it will grow into something that will offer good value to Over the Road Adventurers. It will just take some time.

The most informative section of the Power of the Tiny article is the discovery of the Japanese word Kaizen and the philosophy that has stemmed from it. Kaizen is translated as improvement, but more commonly it’s used to signify continuous small improvements. There is value in viewing this site as something being continuously improved with small achievements and tiny growth spurts, even if there is a strong desire to launch it as a finished project.

Kaizen would help many projects be more manageable and enjoyable. Packing for a long adventure, doing ones taxes, brushing a 111 pound Newfoundland, or just managing a daily task list.

I’m still in Rockport, TX. I’m fishing (not catching) with family and will be leaving for New Mexico in a little over a week. I don’t feel prepared for the trip west, but that won’t stop me.


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“Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.”
Alex Noble

The initial setup of this website and blog is far from complete, but it is really starting to take shape. I will have full data on free and inexpensive campgrounds for the most of the western states loaded in the next couple of weeks and I’m working hard on the final layout for the remainder of this site.

This blog has to start somewhere. I recently left on a long term adventure and I expected to have much of this site done traveling, but it has come together slower than anticipated (this seems to be the case with any first-time project). The initial plan was to have all the map data uploaded and to start blogging at the beginning of this trip, well, I decided to at least keep the blogging part of that plan on track.

I’ve stated the goal of this site on the About page, but I think there is a secondary higher minded goal than just saving a lot money. Whether it’s you, reader of the blog and user of the free campground information, or me blogger-data miner-map freak, there’s the chance at a level of freedom that this site that really can change your life.

Freedom is incredible. It really is about snatching bits of time and space where you can be exactly who you are, you can do exactly what you want to do to be alive. The more time you have to be free and the more space you have to do it, the more alive you are and the happier you will be. That time and that space is what we are all after and that time and that space is what this website is really about.

We’ll be discussing a lot more about freedom on this site.

A Thursday post will list details on scheduled state updates.

Cheers from Rockport Texas.

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