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The goal of this site is to be the single most valuable resource for Over the Road Adventurers by providing locations of FREE campgrounds, inexpensive campgrounds, and other unique stay solutions for road travel. The hope is to show how frugalness with camping decisions affords you a new kind of freedom.

Whether you’re a retiree full-timing in a 50 footer, a young family escaping for a weekend with a trailer, a college student driving cross country with a small tent, or a fully geared outdoor adventurer heading for the next challenge—this site will help you stop losing money to overpriced campgrounds and RV parks.

One of the fortunate things about the United States is that no matter your passion, whether it’s birding, bouldering, antiquing, music festivals, or fly-fishing (my passion)—there is usually a campground or RV Park very near the area you’ll be practicing your favorite activity. The unfortunate things is that most of these campgrounds and RV parks are grossly overpriced, in some cases almost criminally overpriced.

Isn’t it awful to look at a $45 a night full-hookup concrete slab that’s sandwiched between two huge RV’s and realize you’re paying the equivalent to $1,395.00 in monthly rent? Oh, and don’t forget while you pay that rent, YOU brought your OWN RV or Camper!

Don’t get me started on $20 a night tent sites, with an additional $10 charge per extra tent! I could go on and on…

There are an impressive amount of FREE and inexpensive RV Parks and Campgrounds spread throughout the country, some are in beautiful and breathtaking spots, and you have complete and FREE access to them all at this website.

I worked at one of those high priced RV Park/Campgrounds in northern Minnesota one summer and could see the look of disbelief on the faces of those ‘happy’ campers when I told them the total cost for a 2 to 7 night stay. The look of disbelief turned in to anger when they realized that they still had to pay .50 cents for a shower…and it was usually only cold water.

That experience was one of the motivators behind the creation of Band of Boondockers, I know it can help you to stop losing money on the road. Even better, I hope it makes a trip that you believed was out of your price range, or a lifestyle you thought you couldn’t afford, a reality.

I use the information on this site to plan all my trips. It has saved me a lot of money and will continue to do so for many years, but more importantly it has given my life a freedom I wouldn’t have without it. You can learn more about my adventure and my travels here.

You’ll find four different kinds of camping opportunities on this web page.


These sites can be anything from wild and rustic USDA National Forest free campgrounds to City Parks that have a small RV park in the middle of town. You’ll also find Unofficial Boondocking sites—areas that allow camping, but offer no amenities. Learn more about Boondocking here.

Under $15

It’s amazing to discover the amount of campgrounds and RV Parks there are that offer sites for under $15. Many of them offer partial to full-hookups and other great amenities. The sheer number of these inexpensive sites shows how much of a ripp-off those expensive sites really are.


These are area’s that allow tent camping in dispersed areas. The USDA’s National Forests are a perfect example. With a few exceptions and some easy to follow guidelines, the general rule is that you can camp just about anywhere. More information on National Forests and the policies for backcountry or dispersed camping can be found here.

Overnight Parking or Blacktop Boondocking

These spots can range from Wal-Mart or Cabella’s parking lots to Wayside Rest Areas in certain states. They come in very handy when your destination is more than 1 or 2 days away from your starting point and I have used them extensively to save a lot of money on the road.

As I stated before, I hope the free information on this website saves you a lot of money. If you find it has…I hope you’ll kick some of that saved money my way. I’m going to avoid the hard sell here, but it costs money to keep this site running and I’m hoping to keep the data free for everyone and keep the site as ad free as possible along the way. I’m dedicated to constant blog updates and scheduled refreshening of the data and I hope you’re as dedicated to keeping this resource available for a long time. Click here to Pay Back.

Spanish Proverb—Take what you want…and pay for it.

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